Download Horizon Tiles

Meteonorm calculates reduced global radiation caused by a high horizon. The horizon line is calculated with the help of a digital terrain model (DTM). Because of data size the DTM files are split into tiles with a size of 3x3° each. Each tile overlapses the next one by 1°.

Tiles are based on the 90x90 m resolution DTM from NASA's Space Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM).

Because of the size of each file, the Meteonorm software includes only the data of the Alpine arc in Europe. If the needed RDM file is not in your local directory, The Meteonorm software tries to access our server to fetch the horizon line via internet.

Download horizon tiles

If you need to access the digital terrain model without internet connection you can download the data and save it locally. Save the *.rdm files in the subdirectory 'data' in the local Meteonorm program directory. Example of paths:

  • Meteonorm 7, 32bit PC: C:\Program Files\METEOTEST\meteonorm 7\data\
  • Meteonorm 7, 64bit PC: C:\Program Files (x86)\METEOTEST\meteonorm 7\data\
  • Meteonorm 6.1: C:\Program Files\METEOTEST\MN_61\data\

The red areas on the map show the available horizon files. When clicking on a red area a download link appears in the download table.

Pointer coordinates (Latitude / Longitude): /

Tiles selected

Id Country Longitude of center Latitude of center File size File name