TMY of the USA and Germany

TMY (Typical Meteorological Years) data may already be installed, depending on your Meteonorm version. Otherwise, they have to be installed manually if needed. The following list contains all TMY3 datasets of the NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA) and of the DWD (Deutscher Wetterdienst).

TMY3 datasets of the DWD

You can find all datasets of the DWD in a single ZIP file here:

Installation of TMY3 datasets

Download the needed files and copy the file to the "data" subdirectory of your local Meteonorm installation path. You need to have write access to your directory.

Installation path

  • Meteonorm 7, 32bit PC: C:\Program Files\METEOTEST\meteonorm 7\data\
  • Meteonorm 7, 64bit PC: C:\Program Files (x86)\METEOTEST\meteonorm 7\data\
  • Meteonorm 6.1: C:\Program Files\METEOTEST\MN_61\data\
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