Web service (API)

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Web service (API)


Web service (API)

With the Meteonorm Webservice (API) you can integrate meteonorm datasets online into websites or simulation software.

Meteonorm  datasets can also be requested through a web service (API). Through this web service, Meteonorm datasets can be accessed online and thus directly be implemented in a website or standalone simulation tools.

The web service is based on the same core and meteorological data as the Meteonorm software version 7.1. It provides typical meteorological years for any location by entering latitude and longitude of a site. All Meteonorm parameters can be returned as hourly or monthly values. The values are provided in different formats like JSON, XML or CSV:

Additionally we offer a web service which is calculating the horizon line of the topography as well as the altitude.

Here you can find the factsheet of the web service including the API and the pricing.