In the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) you can find the answers to the most important answers concerning Meteonorm.

Meteonorm v7

Serial numbers for version 7.2

For version 7.2 you need a new 16 digit serial number.     See entry

Comparison to www.sonnendach.ch

Sonnendach (Swiss solar cadastre) shows higher radiation values than Meteonorm. The reason for this are different data sources and time periods. See entry

Test reference years Switzerland

Typical meteorological years of the "Merkblatt" 2028 of the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (sia) See entry

Demo version

Differences to the full version See entry

How to install and register Meteonorm?

Meteonorm 7 can be easily installed and registered. You can always find and download the latest version in the download section of this website. After ordering and paying the software, you will receive your registration code. See entry

How to move the software to another computer?

Computer crash, new OS or just the need to move the meteonorm software to another computer? See entry

An unhandled exception happens during registration

Please use version 7.1.3 or newer to register (http://meteonorm.com/en/downloads/). Older versions don't work anymore on some windows systems. While trying to register Meteonorm an unhandled exception occurs and the software crashes: remote name could not be resolved: secure.meteonorm.com See entry

How to report a software bug?

You have found a software bug and no FAQ could solve it? See entry

Difference map Meteonorm version

The difference maps show the difference between the global horizontal radiation (GHI) and direct normal radiation (DNI) between version 7.1 and 7 and version 7 and version 6.1. See entry

Meteonorm v6

How to move the software version 6 to another computer?

Computer crash, new OS or just the need to move Meteonorm to another computer? You can either reinstall version 6.1 or take the opportunity to upgrade to version 7. See entry

How to upgrade my existing, older meteonorm software to version 7?

Do you still run Meteonorm version 6.1 (2009) or an even older version on your computer? Then it's time for an upgrade. See entry


Definition of direct and diffuse radiation

Description of direct and diffuse parts of global radiation See entry