Coordinates Tool

With this useful tool you can determine coordinates in different formats.

To determine the coordinates you can use one of the following methods:

  • search by address
  • set a marker by clicking on the map
  • drag and drop a marker on the map

Position Markierung

Geographical coordinates in decimal degrees
Latitude: - °
Longitude: - °
Altitude: - m

Cursor position


Transformation of coordinates

Enter latitude and longitude in one format and press the transform button.

Format Latitude Longitude Transform
00° 00' 00.0"
00° 00.0000'
Swiss Grid1)

Leading signs for latitude and longitude:

  • latitude: + = North, - = South
  • longitude: + = East, - = West

1) Swiss Grid: The Swiss coordinate system (or Swiss grid) is a geographic coordinate system used in Switzerland for maps and surveying by Swisstopo.